LS Timing Sets

Scoggin Dickey Parts Center is the industry leader for late model LS engine timing components and valvetrain hardware. No one builds a custom engine without an upgrade to the timing components. SDPC offers premium timing chains and billet timing gears for superior durability and strength. Every LS engine should have a new performance timing set from SDPC.
  • SDPC Rollmaster LS Timing Sets
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    Making a cam change? Then it is time to update that stock timing set with a new Rollmaster premium timing set that uses the Iwis™ chain, one of the finest chains produced in the world! These chains have been used on 1000hp big block Chevrolets with unmatched durability. Precision-machined billet steel gears ensure strength and perfect cam timing. The unique crank gear has 9 different keyways to allow for simple adjustments of cam timing. Includes the necessary oil pump spacers and mounting hardware when required.

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  • N-Motion Timing Sets

    Proven performance and superior materials are just two of the qualities that has made N-Motion timing sets the top choice of LS-Engine builders. Heavy duty roller timing chain, precision machined billet timing gears, 9-key crank gear for ease of cam adjustment, and a torrington bearing for maximum block protection make these timing sets the best purchase for proven valvetrain reliability.

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  • Cloyes LS Timing Sets
    Logo Cloyes LS Timing Sets

    The original timing components manufacturer! Cloyes has released heavy duty timing sets for the LS engine family. Cloyes timing set eliminate chain slack that is often found in factory engines. All Cloyes TRUE® Roller timing sets are hand matched at the factory to provide a perfect fit for maximum performance. Cloyes also offers their Hex-a-Just® timing sets for LS applications for easy cam degree adjustment.

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