Foundation is a framework focused on responsive design.
It has many base styles aimed at a clean and sharp appearance.

Most of what you see in each page layout was achieved without modifying foundation's existing styles
Simply adding the appropriate classes to elements instructs them to behave and appear a certain way

Foundation employs a simple 12-column grid system
Applying a class of 'three' and 'columns' means an element will occupy 3/12 of a horizontal space.
columns will arrange inline on wider viewports and stack vertically on small screens
there are also mobile-columns that will avoid vertical stacking on small screens

Foundation comes with its own javascript library
It uses orbit.js to handle image and content slideshows in responsive environments
That's what we're using on the homepage

The style guide pages are best at demonstrating how much of the work foundation has already done

There are many different button styles and sizes
Most importantly, the buttons have a grid system of their own making it very easy to group and arrange buttons
Check out the dropdown and split buttons

There are some basic elements that foundation has supplied
tooltips are particularly neat

the grid page demonstrates the different possibilities of arranging columns
columns can be offset, centered or even re-ordered

Foundation typography offers headers, subheaders and many other basic text options.
it also introduces two new tags 'code' and 'kbd' (keyboard)
There are also print-specific classes making it easy to create printer-friendly pages.