LT1 Crate Engine Instant Bonus Offer

Chevrolet Performance is pleased to announce a limited time Instant Bonus Offer on their Chevrolet Performance LT1 Wet Sump and LT1 Dry Sump Crate Engines:

• LT1 Wet Sump - $2,200 Instant Bonus - Part Number 19355405

• LT1 Dry Sump - $2,200 Instant Bonus - Part Number 19329997

This offer is valid from September 10th - 30th, 2018.

Qualifications: This Instant Bonus Offer is off of our current September pricing and is valid September 10 – September 30. The offer is available to consumers or shops purchasing through a GM Dealer or Authorized Reseller. GM Dealers and Authorized Resellers are not eligible to receive the Instant Bonus.