We're going to upgrade this K5 Blazer with a new 8.0L engine and a 4L70E 4WD GM transmission to match the engines big torque numbers. The 4.250” stroke is more than enough arm to make some serious grunt down low to pull you thru the snow or out of the mud. There is no substitution for cubic inches and stroke when you need to move a big object! We are told that the 8.0L engine makes more 470ft-lbs of torque at about 3,000 RPM. We can’t wait to test this in our new Chevrolet Performance Dyno Room with the Superflow Powermark engine dynometer. We will use a Dart tall deck BBC oval port intake with the Holley Terminator EFI 4-BBL Kit that includes the electronic controls for the GM transmission. Stay tuned as we prepare the engine and get a paint scheme rendering done for our K5 8.0L Project! blazer crate engine engine stand