We drove the new 2014 Silverado and the interior ride, electronics, and stereo are amazing but the real star is the new direct fuel injected 5.3L Chevrolet engine. Big power and broad torque curve make this little 5.3 engine feel like an old 6.0L on steroids. A quick trip to the dyno confirmed it - 300-RWHP and 323 FT/LBS of torque is big numbers for a bone stock 5.3L truck on 87 octane to boot. Imagine what tuning and some parts upgrades would add to this engine. SDPC is currently developing a program for CNC ported cylinder heads, camshaft upgrades and other performance components for the new LT engine platform. If you have not driven the new 2014 Silverado then make an effort to experience the new and improved technology and tire smoking torque. Check out this SDPC video of the 2014 stock dyno test.

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