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ACDelco Power Steering Fluid - 32 oz 10-5073


An amber-colored, light-bodied mineral oil, ACDelco Power Steering Fluid contains a specially developed additive package to provide excellent performance in power steering systems. Expertly designed for use in any season, ACDelco Power Steering Fluid is approved for year-round use for most customers.

Pricing: $9.70


Power Steering Fluid - 32 oz

Warranty: No Warranty

Features & Benefits:

  • Advanced additive package for excellent performance
  • Reduces power-steering related noise, resulting in a quieter passenger compartment
  • Special formula is non-foaming and anti-corrosive for longer fluid life and protection for power steering system components


Q: Should I routinely change my power steering fluid?
A: No, power steering fluid should only be serviced if the system is performing poorly or if the fluid appears dark or murky. If the fluid is more than 4 years old or dark or murky then it is best to have a trained technician look at the fluid. Power steering fluid changes should only be done by trained auto technicians.

Q: Can I check my power steering fluid?
A: Yes, vehicles that use traditional power steering fluid typically have a fluid reservoir underneath the hood near the base of the windshield.

Q: Does my vehicle take a specific type of power steering fluid?
A: Yes, check your owner's manual for the type of fluid your vehicle needs.

Q: Can I change my own power steering fluid?
A: No, ACDelco recommends that only trained professionals do a complete power steering fluid change over. However, topping off power steering fluid is easy to do, just unscrew the top and fill to the line.

Q: Is there a difference between power steering fluid and transmission fluid? Can I use one in place of the other in my vehicle?
A: Yes, there is a difference. There are many types of transmission fluid. While some could be used for steering fluid ACDelco recommends that only owner's manual identified power steering fluids be used for this purpose.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Signs of Wear & Troubleshooting

  • Signs of power steering related issues include:
    • Experiencing difficulty steering or steering that requires more effort.
    • Steering that may twitch, jerk, or pull unexpectedly either in a turn or at highway speeds, or has no assist at all.
    • Loud whining originating from the steering pump.
    • A buzzing noise coming from the steering pump at low speeds could denote low fluid levels.
    • Fluid reservoir needs frequent refilling
  • Like motor oil, new power steering fluid will be transparent in small quantities. When the fluid becomes darker in color (black in appearance) and opaque, it is a sign of older or contaminated power steering fluid and it could be time to change your power steering fluid.

Good Maintenance Practices

  • Keep your power steering fluid at the proper levels at all times. If you need to top off your power steering fluid more than once a year, make sure to get the system checked for leaks.
  • Change your power steering fluid when recommended. Failing to do so could result in power steering system failure.

California Proposition 65

California Prop 65WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -


  • 10-5073
  • 10-5073
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