Chevrolet Crank Trigger Distributor -Tall Block V8

MSD Crank Trigger Distributor for V8 Tall Block Chevy - 8558
Part Number:
SDPC Part Number: MSD8558
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This distributor is built around a CNC-machined billet aluminum housing. This machining process produces a strong, non-porous housing with tolerances within .001". Inside the housing, a sealed ball bearing and long sintered bushing, guide a QPQ coated .500" shaft for accurate spark delivery throughout high rpm. The QPQ coating reduces friction loss and wards off corrosion. The base of the distributor is injection molded from a glass reinforced material called Rynite. This produces an extremely strong base that dampens vibrations and is highly resistant to sparks. A large cap with brass terminals clamps onto the housing covering the racing rotor featuring deep vanes to stir up the air reducing the chance of spark scatter. Since these distributors are for racing applications, bronze gears are supplied.

NOTE: Must be used with a crank trigger ignition system. This low profile crank trigger distributor fits a Chevrolet V8 engine with a tall deck. Features a slip collar.