1967-86 SB Chevy Aluminum Intake

Chevrolet Performance 10185063 | 1967-86 SB Chevy Aluminum Intake
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SDPC Part Number: 10185063
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This manifold is used on all ZZ series 350 HO engines and also can be used on all small-block Chevrolets thru 1986. This aluminum manifold produces the same horsepower as the previous high-rise design, but provides increased hood clearance and more versatility. It has a dual-pattern flange that can accommodate both standard-flange Holley and spread-bore Quadrajet four-barrel carburetors. This manifold has provisions for all late-model accessory brackets, EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), and an integral hot air choke. A heat shield can be mounted underneath the manifold to prevent coking when EGR is used.

Technical Note: This manifold carburetor flange is approximately 1/2 " lower than the old origianl design 1970 SBC dual plane hi-rise LT1/Z28 manifold.

Carburetor FlangeDual Pattern, Square / Spread Bore, 4bbl

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