Heavy-Duty GM Performance Parts Ignition Control

Chevrolet Performance 10037378 | Heavy-Duty GM Performance Parts Ignition Control
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SDPC Part Number: 10037378
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This amplifier is the heart of the GM Performance Parts heavy-duty ignition system. It is engineered to meet the spark requirements of four-cylinder, six-cylinder, and eight-cylinder racing engines. This sophisticated capacitive discharge ignition has multi-spark capabilities, producing a series of sparks to ensure complete combustion under all operating conditions. The rugged control box has special internal bracing and rubber shock mounts to withstand vibration. A special connector is provided for GM Performance Parts rev limiter P/N 10037379.

Technical Notes: This ignition control has an operating range up to 10,000 rpm with a V8 engine. Its multispark duration is 200 of crankshaft rotation, and its maximum secondary output with coil P/N 10037380 is 45,000 volts. This amplifier draws 10 amperes at 10,000 rpm. Use with GM heavy-duty electronic distributors P/N 10134355, 1005113334, 10037373, and 25500149. Do not use with production HEI system.