1991-94 Chevrolet, Olds, Pontiac J, L & W (LHO)(3.1T)

GM Goodwrench Replacement Engines 12522927 | 1991-94 Chevrolet, Olds, Pontiac J, L & W (LHO)(3.1T)
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SDPC Part Number: 12522927
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1991-92 Chevrolet, Pontiac J (LH 0)(3.1T )

1991- 92 Pontiac, Oldsmobile W (LH0)(3.1T)

1991 Chevrolet L (LH0)(3.1T )

1991- 92 Chevrolet W (LH0)(3.1T) (exc. N14)

1991 Buick W (LH0)(3.1T ) Type 2 VIN from 800001

1992-93 Chevrolet L (LH0)(3.1T )

1992 Buick W (LH0)(3.1T )

1993 Chevrolet, Pontiac J (LH 0)(3.1T )

1993 Chevrolet W (LH0)(3.1T ) (ex c. N14, NB2)

1993 Pontiac, Oldsmobile, W (LH0)(3.1T ) (ex c. NB 2)

1993 Buick

1994 Chevrolet, Pontiac J (LH 0)(3.1T ) MD9, MG2

1994 Chevrolet W (LH0)(3.1T ) M13, NB 2, NA5

Every Goodwrench engine is made to the same engineering standards
that go into every new GM vehicle. They’re tested to perform under
the most demanding conditions, assuring you the reliability and
quality you expect from the Goodwrench name and they’re backed by a
36-month/100,000 mile transferable limited warranty.

New GM Goodwrench engines include:

cylinder block

head and valve train assembly



oil pump

piston assemblies (connecting rods, pins and rings)

timing components



all tin ware

All components are new and meet GM OE specifications.

Replaced By: 12516160

Core Value0
Cubic Inch189
TransmissionAuto / Manual


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Thank you SDPC and GM Performance Parts

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my little 3.1 has gone throught alot of abuse, i drive my car hard with racing and mountian roads the 3.1 takes alot

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