Building The Mule - Pro Touring Engineered Performance

Dr. Whaba WHAMULE | Building The Mule - Pro Touring Engineered Performance
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Our personal friend and longtime Scoggin Dickey Parts customer, Superstar Pro Touring musclecar builder Mark Stielow has just released an all-color, 212-page, 1200 photo publication that details how he builds wild, Pro Touring musclecars.

Mark shows you everything: from how he plans for a project, builds his wild, one-off components/systems and how he gets everything to come together in a great looking, super-quick package.

The car buildup that is used as an example here is the ‘Mule’ 1969 Camaro—which is appropriate because from the minute it was completed, the Mule has been a Pro Touring genre-defining car.


Submitted by Motown 454 on

I've been waiting for this book for a while. I'm glad its here plenty to learn for it.

Submitted by RodneyProuty on

Its a very good book, that shows the basic priciples ideas needed to build a modern Protour car, Mark does a great job laying out his plan and showing the steps needed to setup  your project, my only complaint was that the book was to short could have better with double the pages !!!!Rodney Prouty

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