Return Request Form

This form is only for items that meet the criteria listed below. If you have a Warranty Item or an item that was visibly damaged by the Freight Carrier, please see damaged freight and product warranties on the FAQ page for more information.

  1. Upon completion of this form you will receive an email, include a copy of that email along with a copy of your invoice with your return.
  2. All items must be New and Unused products in their “original” package. Shipping and Handling charges are not refundable. Any electrical items that have been opened are not returnable.
  3. All items must have been purchased within the last 90-days from the date of the SDPC Invoice. Items older than this can be subject to a restocking charge!
  4. No returns will be accepted without a copy of the original invoice! A copy of your invoice must be included! Please keep a copy for your records.

Mailing/Billing Address

If you have contacted an SDPC salesperson concerning this return, please indicate their name or extension number below for reference.

Merchandise Return

If returning more than one item, type each part number in the box below. If returning all items on your invoice please type "ALL".

**New/Unused Items that have NOT been installed and no visible damage to the original box and/or shipping container. Item was discovered to be damaged when box was opened.